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"This is a book for anyone who hears their own negative voice and is simply ready for it to shut up." - Diane Riis, Author
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This 5-star rated inspirational self-help guide is a spiritually, emotionally and hilariously uplifting book for the woman you are and the woman you will become. –E.L.


Is the mean girl in your head ruining your life?

Does she say things like, “who do you think you are?” and “you don’t deserve it,” and “you’re too big for your britches”? Or something worse?

You can’t manifest many miracles from that perspective, can you? Or achieve many goals or dreams either.

You can blame the inner mean girl for your stuckness and procrastination. She is the reason you feel negative about the future and worried about not being good enough to have the life you want.


The Law of Attraction

If you’re into the Law of Attraction but it’s not working for you, think of all your positive affirmations and intentions. Honestly are they any match for the critic in your head?

Something to try:

This is super simple, but it works.


Your inner mean girl has said the same things so many times that you don't even hear her consciously any more. But your heart and soul and body hear her. As a result, you might suddenly feel bad about yourself, for what seems like no reason. You might get a craving for junk food, or get swamped by overwhelm and self-doubt. Some days, all of these and more!

You didn't hear the negative judgments, but the message was received, loud and clear.

Pay attention to your moods, cravings, and feelings. They don't actually come from "nowhere." They are the signs pointing the way to break free.

The moods, cravings and feelings aren't "true." They just show you where you've believed a lie about yourself. All the stories we tell ourselves are subject to change. 

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Start Here:

  1. Realize the spell you’ve been under. (Words are spells, you know.)

  2. Then break free by telling a different story.

Shift your BS stories and attract what you want and deserve. You will transform your life, from inside out.